RV Altitude Showflat Location & Address

    • RV Altitude Condo exact location will be located along River Valley Road

  • RV Altitude showlat is not opened yet and is target to launch in 3Q 2018. Stay informed by registering here

 To-do List before visiting RV Altitude showflat:

  1. Know your CPF before buying RV Altitude condo:

    Login to your CPF account through SingPass and find out exactly how much you are able to use for purchasing the RV Altitude.

  2. Securing Bank Loan for RV Altitude:

    Ensure that the banks are willing to lend you the funds for the property purchase. Apply for an Approval in Principal (AIP) which you can do so by approaching mortgage broker or a banker.

  3. Stamp Duty Obligations:

    If you’re not a Singapore Citizen or if you are buying a second property, you fall in additional buyer’s stamp duty bracket.

  4. Know your Payment Scheme:

    After confirmation of your unit, you need to:

    Pay 5% in cash to developer’s project account in exchange for Option to Purchase (OTP)
    b.    Within Next two weeks, the developer will dispatch the Sales and Purchase Agreement (S&P) to you or your appointed lawyers.
    c.    After the date of receiving (S&P) you will then have 3 weeks to exercise the option.
    d.    The Stamp Duty and ABSD is payable within 14 days from the date of exercise.
    e.    15% of the down payment is then payable within 8 weeks from the initial OTP issue date.

  5. The Balloting Process for RV Altitude Condominium:

    The registered buyers on the launch date are then invited to the process before the general public could step into. And for entering the process you need to submit 3 documents:
    A copy of your NRIC or Passport.
    b.  A signed a signed copy of the Expression of Interest form.
    c.  And a cheque addressed to the developer’s account.