RV Altitude Floor Plan, RV Altitude Site Plan, RV Altitude Floor Plans

Knowing actually what you are buying in RV Altitude is important. Symbols are usually confusing so this is where you need to use for a helpful Floor plan. However, basic knowledge is necessary but a lot of more detailed information can be gained by looking at the RV Altitude Floor plan.


Visualizing the unit is easy when you know the symbol for doors is a Quarter-Circle. Doors are oriented aids and also allow you to see the connection between the rooms. Like you should have an en-suite master bedroom if the door of the bathroom opens into the room. The arc of the door symbol indicates how the door will swing, that is inwards or outwards. Most of the doors in Singapore swing inwards, except for the bomb shelters in HDB Flats.


Homebuyers look for ventilation which makes Windows an important feature to the unit. Two types of windows are commonly found in Singapore. One is the Sliding window which is indicated by a thin hollow line by the wall. The casement window is similar to doors except that they usually come in pairs.


Walls which bear the weight of the entire unit are the structural walls. They cannot be removed as they are the base of your place of residence. Structural walls are indicated by thick bold lines. The non-structural walls serve to be separated from one room to another. They are indicated by thin lines.

Floor Layout

Floor layout is necessary to differentiate the areas of the unit each floor having its own theme and style. Many homebuyers prefer their children’s room near to keep an eye on them. Some prefer kitchen to be followed by the main door. What you should remember is that every room is in relation to each other. Corridors are also preferred which allows homebuyers to separate the public and private areas of the unit which is to distant their bedroom with the lounge.


Some Floor plans come with numbers written which indicates the actual dimension in millimeters. It helps a lot in terms of renovation.


A boxy shape is the most ideal shape of the unit. It fits the store-bought furniture. Odd corners will waste your space you have to be careful no space is left useless.


Private Enclosed Space (PES) is mostly convenient in small families. Large families with more bed rooms requirement may waste the space of a large PES. Ultra luxury Condos can have large PES, depending on the homebuyer that how elegant and spacious the unit should be.

Maid’s Room

Large condominiums usually offer Maid’s Room located off the kitchen with a tiny bathroom. Families with maid can ensure that there is a room for her.


Thousands of dollars in renovation is saved by the built-on cupboards in condominium. You can tell if the bedroom comes with a built-in cupboard from the floor plan.